> Can you Vote 2012?


Look in your backpack, pocket or purse:
  1. Do you have a state issued photo ID? yes: no:
  2. Is it current? yes: no:
  3. Does it have your current address yes: no:
Can I Vote ?

If the Voter ID amendment passes it will be harder for some people to vote.

Are you one of them?

If you said

YES to all three questions

CONGRATULATIONS! Chances are very good that if the Voter ID amendment passes you will be able to vote!*

If you said

NO to ANY of the three questions

SORRY, you are out of luck. You cannot vote, you cannot register at the polls, and no one can vouch for you to vote. No voting for you if this amendment passes!
Aw, that was too easy! Play the BONUS ROUND!
*The amendment is very vague, and what forms of “government issued ID” will be required to vote is not specified in the amendment. Will a driver’s license be valid? Don’t know! Will military ID be valid? Can’t say!

How many actual cases of voter impersonation – the only type of voter fraud that this amendment would prevent - have occurred in the State of Minnesota over the past decade:


In Minnesota there have been no cases of voter impersonation reported, and only 10 cases of other types of voter fraud reported since 2000 - less than 1 per year. Nation-wide there have been 10 cases of voter impersonation over the past decade – or one out of every 146 million registered voters.

So why is the Voter ID amendment on the ballot? The real purpose of the Voter ID amendment is to make it harder for some people to vote: primarily students, the elderly, and the poor.

So who is least likely to have a current photo ID?

18 percent of citizens aged 18-24 do not have a government-issued ID with their current address and name.

18% of elderly citizens

25% of African-American citizens of voting age do not have a current photo ID.

10 % of voters with disabilities

15 % of voters earning less than $35,000/year

One More Thing

V O T E !

To find out how to register or where to vote in 2012, visit the Minnesota Secretary of State’s website at sos.state.mn.us

So You Think You Can Vote !?! was created by Minneapolis artist Camille Gage, and University of Minnesota students Stefano Ascari and Amanda Reeder.

Voter fraud statistics taken from the NEWS 21 Voter Fraud Research Database. Other statistics taken from the League of Women Voters website.

For more information on the Voter ID amendment, visit the League of Women Voters website

Don’t be fooled.
Don’t support discrimination.


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